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Twitter surveys its users about launching paid features

Recently heard the buzz both in the news and in the stock market about Twitter trying to offer new subscription service. Today i got an invite for survey so i actively participated in it.

Here are some items twitter surveyed, looks like it is going to come up with some paid additional features to give more leverage for paid audience but the free features is expected to stay as it is now for some more time. May be in few more years Twitter will be a fully a paid social media. Thank god that’s the best way to get rid of spammers and bots.

Some important topics from the brief survey:

  • What are the most important and least important features Twitter can add, ignore (multiple rounds on this topic alone)
  • How about the level of ads shown in other sites like Facebook , Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok. I selected far more than expected for Facebook because they really over do with ads… for YouTube I’m a premium user so i stated no opinion on that
  • What is the monthly price that will be higher, lower and bargain price i would be willing to pay, i really find this as the best learning on how to get feedback regarding pricing, instead of direct one answer they ask multiple numbers to form upper, lower ceilings and then the near exact pricing amount also sandwiched in it. Bit subtle and gets them the most information needed.
  • If user would be willing to pay to see “fewer ads” or willing to pay for no ads (I selected willing to pay for no ads)
  • Regarding security, privacy concerns about the ads seen in social media
  • Opinion regarding advertising in general in social media