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11 Content Types used in Online Marketing

11 content types used in online marketing:

Each one solves a purpose and fits in the whole puzzle. Here is a list of different content types on a high level.

    1. Blogs and Articles – Informative, educative and give your perspective about a topic related to your blog.
    2. eBooks – Content about teaching a particular skill (not the lead capture ones)
    3. Press releases – Informing the world a news about your business online or offline
    4. E-mail – Speaking to your customers, email subscribers those who have opted-in and gave permission to hear from you about your products and services
    5. Newsletters – Curated list of content sent periodically to the email subscribers (say every week)
    6. Web pages – General web pages that are essential for the online business that doesn’t come in the blog/article categories (example about us page)
    7. Sales Pages – Sells your product or offer with option to check out as the main call to action
    8. Case studies – Speaks about a scenario or a story
    9. Product description – Explains about the product when it is listed for sale, example in Amazon
    10. Product reviews – Reviews about the products with intent to promote the same as an affiliate
    11. White papers – In depth writing about a topic/problem for educating the reader with data points, facts and quotes

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