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Yola Site Review – My review of Yola Site Website builder

In a series of review of the popular website / web page builders, I am starting with an easy one, Yola site. But before that I took a check on the web page builders possibly to switch from LeadPages which I currently use and pay $37 every month, just for few landing pages (sales and download). My hunt started with Carrd.co, Yola site, Ukit and few other names.

Here is the first review of Yola site.  Yola site is in existence for quite some time around 10+ years.  The test site I created is here http://jay-test.yolasite.com/

Just couple of modifications to the template from the library. I liked the site and it looks great.

The main feature I was looking is, to download the web page as html file and install in any domain so it adds up value to my existing sites. Yola site doesn’t have the download html feature. As it is available, it only helps new websites for which I need to repoint domain name to their IP and do the technical set up.  This means the whole domain will be pointing the Yola website and any custom development like adding blog, my own pages, membership area, download files etc. will not be possible in the domain OR it needs lot of technical work and adds complexity.

So I decided not to use Yola site because I am not able to create pages for my already existing domains. But it would be helpful for freelancers who develops websites for businesses, or for that sort of requirement.

Other than that below points to consider.

Dashboard is pretty normal, not close to its peers.

The help section and training is outdated. You can do things yourself easily, if something is not possible or unclear, then you will feel lost in the middle. You can reach the support desk but I have not gone to that level yet in my short span of usage.