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For the love of Thesis WordPress Theme

When I started to venture out in the blogging space, like around 2008-ish, Thesis theme was a craze among bloggers and it used to sell like gangbusters. Also it has developer license where lot of freelance WordPress developers used to install them for their clients for their price. There was even conflict between the creator of Thesis theme and the company behind WordPress, the theme was very strictly licensed, the conflict was with the GNPU licensing and so on.

The point here is,  Thesis theme has a huge audience and fans. There was regular updates to the theme until like 2017. After that it was sunset and the creators introduced another theme named Focus theme with all the web 2.0, mobile and social media things in the consideration. They say all the technology and the concepts of Thesis theme is included as a base in the Focus theme.

I’m still a fan of thesis theme and its simplicity, fast loading, SEO benefits. I love their typography, usage of colors, simplicity with end users in mind and how they stand out from the crowd. I have unlimited installation licenses for Thesis theme as well, so I prefer to use thesis for my personal blog and any content oriented sites I plan to create.

You can check out the Focus theme, which is a fresh new WordPress theme for 2021 and beyond, at diythemes.com

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