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What is GRT or Golden ratio typography and how it improves User experience in your blogs

What is GRT (Golden ratio typography) and how it improves User experience in your blogs

You may not think that typography and math have anything to do with each other.  After all, typography is letters and words, and math is numbers. Right?

The truth is that typography in general, is a combination of letterforms but it does take into account mathematical proportions as well. When the proportions of your lettering is harmonious with your site, it will look appealing to your users and it will also enhance their experience. If you have an imbalance with your typography or if your site is cluttered then this will ultimately work against you.

So that brings about the question, how do you ensure that you tweak the proportions of your typography to create the golden ratio?

Fundamentals for Typography

Every paragraph has three dimensions. You have the line height, the font size and the line width. As the font size increases, you have to make sure that the line height increases too. This helps to maintain the geometric proportions of the paragraph. As a general rule, long line lengths need more interlinear spacing, as this ensures that the eyes locate the next line accurately when doing a return sweep. For any font size, the line height has to increase as the width increases.

In a Golden Ratio Typography (GRT) design, the height of the typeface may be in proportion to the width of the page in a ratio of approximately 1:1.618. Similarly, the spacing between lines of text may be in a ratio of 1:1.618. These proportions are believed to create a visually pleasing and balanced layout that is easy on the eyes and makes reading more enjoyable.

You can easily incorporate GRT principles in your blog by starting to look at the background color of your content, the font size and type.