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How many Emails you should send as part of your follow up sequence?

How many emails you should send as part of your follow up sequence? The answer to this question is not a one size fit all type. But it depends on how you capture your lead and what you sell them in the follow up emails.

number of email sequenceLet us consider 3 common scenarios and how we can fit into it.

Case 1: Email sequence for freebie seekers
As per the industry standard if you capture lead via an opt-in form giving a free content like eBook, reports, or a checklist and then sell them a relevant product/service in the follow up emails, you should probably have your email sequence of 7 emails. Schedule them 1 every day or once in two days as per your niche and audience profile.

Case 2: Email sequence for an already warmed up audience
If you capture your lead by already providing some information about the product you are going to sell, then your email sequence becomes a bit shorter. Because the audience is already aware of the product information, you can make it 5 part email sequence.

Case 3: Email sequence for a ready to buy audience
On the best case scenario, if the audience is captured via some sort of sales related sections like sales page footer, sales page exit popups, landing page opt-ins etc., then you should simply go with 3 part email sequence and just focus on answering the questions and removing the objections why the action was not taken earlier and sell the product without distracting the audience with other irrelevant emails.

The most common cases are listed in this post, but there can be lot of variations from how the leads were captured and what product is being sold in the follow up emails. Another piece that comes into the picture is the email copywriter’s experience in the niche and his conversion skills.

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