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How to Make Blog Posts More Interesting

In a Blogging world of competitive writers, you only get what you deserve. There is no luck here. Dull content means fewer readers. Nobody has time to waste going through content that has zero impact on them. There are, however, ways you can write compelling and exciting content that will get you the results you wanted to achieve, when you planned the content

1. Start with a captivating title

A simple way of improving the quality of a blog post is by writing an outstanding headline. Let it have the power to grasp as much attention as possible. Make it bold and descriptive. Use attention-grabbing adjectives such as persuasive, secret, impressive, proven, outstanding, tricks, among others. If you aren’t sure about your headline, you can run thru the Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer tool here. It offers free online scrutiny of your headlines.

2. Share a story

Telling stories tends to attract attention. They activate the brain immediately. Stories will make people visualize what you are talking about in your article. Short stories make your piece more enticing.

3. Simplicity is key

Several writers use complicated vocabulary in a bid to look more intelligent. Here’s the trick: be simple. Few people want to get a dictionary to check up on a difficult word in a blog post. They want to understand and save time.

4. Use short sentences

Long sentences can be boring at times. They are difficult to understand. One may even get too lazy to read, therefore, skip them, yet they may carry vital information. What’s worse is that you may end up repeating yourself in these long sentences.

5. Ask questions

What is the effect of asking questions in your article? Not only does it improve the concentration of the reader, but it also drives creativity. You facilitate in creating an open mind for them.

Engaging blog posts are not easy to write. Neither are they hard. Ensure to plan in advance. Research thoroughly and have the points ready before you start to write. Being natural is a tactic that most writers don’t know. It works wonders.

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