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Niche Content Marketing Automation for your Social Media

Qilio is my flagship software since 2014. After retiring the desktop only version, the all new web version was released recently.

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Some of the main features of Qilio:
1. Simple and Easy social media scheduling (no restrictions)
2. Unlimited niche content packs including all future content packs
3. One click niche content import
4. Quote images library
5. GIF images library
6. Bulk Import/Export content via CSV file

learn more and sign up:


Are you still paying a monthly fee for

your social media scheduling tool?

STOP paying monthly fees and ditch your

existing tool that overwhelms your time.

Introducing Qilio.

The easy to use niche content

social media scheduling tool that is completely

different from other ones out there.

Qilio has an easy to use and simple scheduling option

which doesn’t overwhelm a busy user.

Sign up for Qilio PRO version here


start exploring Qilio and

1. save monthly costs

2. schedule more posts in less time

3. get more ROI from your social media profiles


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Most popular social media apps across top 10 economies. Huge dominance by Facebook (FB, messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram), Google has Youtube and Twitter in the list which is well expected. TikTok shows dominance in China and India, may expand its reach in other countries in upcoming months.

UPDATE: India has recently banned TikTok and other 100+ chinese apps due to the recent tensions between both countries but the ban came only after US intel issuing security vulnerability in TikTok and Apple also issued details about how TikTok used users clipboard information. So Tiktok can also be banned in the US very soon.


Video blogging is the top content creation method for 2020 and it is projected to rise exponentially with the advent of latest software and technologies and cheaper cloud hosting solutions. Traditional text based websites are slowly moving more into videos for both content creation and marketing. [continue reading…]