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5 take aways from Twitter’s open source algorithm

Twitter has recently released its whole algorithm open-source. That means the code is available for public to know how it ranks or suggests tweets in the feed/or twitter timeline.

Here are 5 key take aways from Twitter algorithm

1. Likes are weighted most than any other engagement factors.

Likes weight 30x, Retweets, 20x and replies only 1x

2. Negative indicators:

  1. Link only tweets without any pre-text for your link posts
  2. tweets that get unfollows from your followers
  3. tweets that get mutes from your followers

3. Twitter Blue subscription plays “some” significance: 

Twitter Blue subscription carries very minimal weightage

4. More followers than following:

Profile with more followers than following ratio

5. News and Trending content carrier more weightage:

Twitter is the go to place when it comes to news and trending content. There is no other social media platform to go for breaking news. So news and trending content carry some additional weightage.