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Carrd.co Review – Landing page and single page builder review

Carrd.co – Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.

Carrd is a simple and easy to use one page site builder. It helps in creating single page sites within few minutes of logging in to the dashboard

While Carrd is not suitable for a full fledged websites or blogs, it is suitable for social profiles page, landing pages, download pages, optin pages, CV, portfolio and coming soon pages.

Here are demo for some of the templates that are available (only a small subset of templates linked here). Most of the templates are available in free version while some premium looking ones are reserved for paid version.

Social links (For Instagram profiles) demo

landing page 1 (optin model)  demo

landing page model 2  demo

landing page model 3  demo

CV page 1   demo 1   demo 2

CV page 2 (optin model)  demo

Photography portfolio display page  demo 1    demo 2

Coming soon page  demo 1    demo 2

The steps are pretty easy, just select the template and edit the content using block and WYSIWYG editor as shown below, and then publish your site immediately in carrd.co subdomain , like yoursite.carrd.co

Premium users can link their custom domains too.

Carrd is very flexible and easy to use. The paid version itself is the cheapest of all the industry peers. It is highly worth the paid version upgrade.

WYSIWYG block editor – just point and click, edit the content and publish

Carrd Dashboard view

Carrd.co is ideal for a quick one page website something you need to get in 30 minutes or so and can act as a bridge page, it can be extended to a landing page as well based on your requirement. It is worth a look.