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5 Highest Paying Work at Home Jobs for 2023

Today there are more work from home job opportunities than ever before. It is entirely possible for you to find your dream job that allows you to work when and where you want. Below are some of the highest paying works from home jobs in 2023.

  1. Podcast Manager

Podcast managers are the people who manages podcasts. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular over the last few years with new shows popping up daily and every single show need someone to manage them.

Podcast managers plan the episodes and help to market them.

2. Virtual Assistant:

Common tasks of virtual assistant include scheduling social media posts, Answering Emails and helping to manage customers. You can specialise as a virtual assistant in whatever area of assistance is interesting to you.

3. Customer Service Representative:

Customer Service Representative is much more specialised than a Virtual Assistant. You can work for multiple clients as a Customer Service Representative answering emails over phone or supporting their customers in other way. This role requires good communication skills, to be punctual and to be reliable.

4. Social Media Manager:

This job has exploded over the past few years as businesses have more and more marketed themselves on social media, but a lot of business owners realised that this is not their area of expertise, so they want to bring in a professional to help. Common tasks of a social media manager are Curate and create content, Post daily or weekly basis and manage their client’s social media accounts.

 5. Web Developer:

A great opportunity for anyone who loves tech and has an interest in coding. Starting this career involves learning coding languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript as well as UX & UI design principles.

Text Editors and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, JetBrains WebStorm

CSS Preprocessors: Sass, Less

Code Editors with Live Preview tools: CodePen, JSFiddle

Version Control Systems: Git, Bitbucket

Package Managers:

  • npm (Node Package Manager): The default package manager for Node.js, which allows you to install and manage JavaScript libraries and frameworks.
  • Yarn: A package manager developed by Facebook, known for its fast and efficient dependency management.