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5 Genius Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT or any AI tools

ChatGPT is the world’s smartest robot. It is changing the game when it comes to making money online. With this revolutionary free software, you can earn 800 dollars a day or even more with little skill and no startup capital required. Here I’m going share 5 ways to make Money with ChatGPT

 1. Branding Agency:

  • Branding agencies are businesses that help other businesses to create their branding. They can help to create a Business Name, create a LOGO, help them write their website.
  • ChatGPT can do all these things if you just ask it.

2. Build Apps and Sell them to businesses:

  • You can create a really simple app just like a chat video basically and you can connect that with Open AI API and you can actually train ChatGPT on any topic you like.
  • You can create scheduling apps and sell them to individual businesses
  • You can create Customer service apps or data entry apps to help the business owners.

3. Write Articles:

  • ChatGPT is really improving at writing especially if you work the process. It can generate ideas. You can fine tune the content output
  • It can generate an outline for a blog, an ad or a product description with ease.

4. Write and Self Publish Books:

  • You can write books by using an affordable software called Book Bolt to create low content books like Notebooks, Journals and Diaries.
  • We can use ChatGPT to write books and use Book Bolt to design them. Publish them on Amazon and sell it.

5. YouTube Channel:

  • You can start a Niche You tube channel. You can ask ChatGPT to give ideas about different you tube channels.
  • You can ask different type of you tube channels with a certain Niche.
  • You can ask ChatGPT to write video scripts for each of those video ideas and then put together all the video clips with a background music and publish in the You Tube channel.