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Chapter 11: Basic cache settings to speed up site

Basic cache settings to speed up site. Things to know about using a cache plugin

Caching is a process of storing files and data in memory, that are mostly static, for quickly serving the request, like page load, download etc.

It is almost mandatory to have a basic caching set up, which helps the site loading in modern browsers. W3 Total Cache plugin is the one plugin that does the job well. You don’t need to spend much time on this.

Also remember when you are testing new changes to the site, like a theme or visual changes , make sure to temporarily disable the cache settings and turn on once you are completed with the changes and testing.

W3 Total Cache plugin –  Speeds up your site https://wordpress.org/plugins-wp/w3-total-cache/

No need to complicate the caching process, it is only provides minimal impact and just using one trusted and safe plugin will suffice

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