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WordPress training for non-techies

Wordpress blogging

WordPress training for non-technical folks.

I have created this training with multiple topics with non-technical folks in mind.

The training is divided in 30 small steps and logically seperated. This doesnt cover 100% of WordPress training, but it outlines some of the most important and easy to remember activities you should carry on your WordPress blog.

The pre-requisities are basic idea and understanding of wordpress blogs.

Chapter 1: Why you should go for WordPress installation in your hosting

Chapter 2: The core WordPress files:

Chapter 3: Know about wp-config.php

Chapter 4: WordPress database and important tables

Chapter 5: Set up .Htaccess and robots.txt

Chapter 6: Install a relevant WordPress theme

Chapter 7: Install most needed WP plugins

Chapter 8: Create posts and pages

Chapter 9: Create custom menu to link important pages

Chapter 10: Basic SEO using Yoast

Chapter 11: Basic cache settings to speed up site

Chapter 12: Image optimizations and improve page load speeds

Chapter 13: Test and Analyze Mobile compatibility

Chapter 14: Categories versus tags usage

Chapter 15: Usage of canonical tags

Chapter 16: Plan pillar posts and site internal links

Chapter 17: Setting up your blog call to action

Chapter 18: Setup Google Analytics

Chapter 19: Connect your site to Google search console

Chapter 20: Submit sitemap to Google search console

Chapter 21: WordPress Basic Site Security

Chapter 22: WordPress Advanced Site Security

Chapter 23: List of plugins and themes to avoid

Chapter 24: Monitor Your WordPress Site Health

Chapter 25: Create Simple backup plan

Chapter 26: Build Rolodex for WordPress developers who can help during an incident

Chapter 27: Monitor indexed versus not indexed pages 

Chapter 28: Debug WordPress issues

Chapter 29: Monitor for latest WordPress updates

Chapter 30: Know about remote WP publishing and content curation tools