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Chapter 12: Image optimizations and improve page load speeds

Image load optimizations – reduce image file size and improve load times

Too big images in blog posts or pages can slow down the page load speed. It is one of the factors but not the only factor. It is always better to compress the images and reduce image file size, these small file size optimization adds up on your overall daily, monthly traffic.

Nothing fancy or complex here, just use any of the two free plugins or any free plugin you got to know from Google.

When you run the optimizer they compress the images present in media folders and does the work.

It is better to use them only on one off basis like every month and them turn off. You don’t want them to be active and load any additional content in the UI / page loads to end user.

Smush plugin also does image lazy load that improves the user experience a bit, but its not needed, it could interfere with your theme or other settings, you should only activate and use this if you are very clear.

So better to just optimize (reduce file size) batch of images all at once via backend and then disable the plugin, then next time optimize only the new images.

EWWW Image Optimizer and  Smush – Image Optimizer plugin are both free plugin that does the image optimizations


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