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Chapter 17: Setting up your blog call to action

Setting up your blog call to action

The call to actions are not only for sales pages, every blog posts and pages should have a “logical” call to action.  It is easy to decide on the call to action, just ask the question “what should the user do next” the answer to this question, is the call to action for a blog post.

The call to action could be included in the end of the post or in the middle via text link, button, clickable image etc.

Make the call to action stand out and stick to the user so the user knows what to do next and no need to think about it or search the blog for next step to take action

A simple bold link with clear anchor text like “click here”, “proceed to next step”, “join now”, “add to cart” are some of the many different call to action anchor texts. You can also link your other blog posts as the call to action, that you think user should visit next.

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