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Chapter 19: Connect your site to Google search console

Connect your site to Google search console

Google’s search console dashboard provides all information you need to know how your site is being indexed by Google , what are the pages successfully indexed. If any issues with respect to indexing, crawling etc.

It also provides high level information on the keywords your site ranked and got impressions and clicks from search results. It only provides keywords, impressions and clicks, it doesn’t provide the rank position

Login to Google search console https://search.google.com/search-console and add your site as your property. You will need to validate by adding a tag or download file to verify the site ownership.

From there you can get all search insights about your site  Once you add and verify your site, the data should start to show up in few hours to days.

You can submit your sitemap via “sitemaps” section.

Submit any request to remove pages from “removals” section. You can use this section to submit removal request for thin content or duplicate pages.

Other insights about your site/page when it comes to performance in Google search engine

All site coverage, crawl, and indexing details and any issues are available within search console dashboard.

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