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Chapter 24: Monitor Your WordPress Site Health

Monitor Your WordPress Site’s Health: Why and How?

WordPress is flexible and customizable, making it the favorite of all kinds of users. However, it is also the favorite of hackers who keep on attempting to bring your site down.

A website may also be unavailable to your users when there is a surge in traffic, theme conflicts, or your host is experiencing difficulty.

Whatever the reason is, you must be alert all the time.

Monitoring your WordPress site’s health through a plugin can keep you notified about related issues and give you enough time to respond to the persisting issue.

Just make sure you do not have more than one plugin for monitoring/site health, because it could create conflicts or overlapping features and simply consume additional resources of your blog

Top 3 WordPress Plugins for Site Health Monitoring

#1 – Jetpack Plugin

With 5+ Million people using this WordPress plugin, there is no denying that Jetpack is the best solution for site health monitoring.  The plugin offers 24/7 auto-site security abilities, including backup, migration assistance, change tracking, malware scanning, uptime tracking, 2FA, plugin auto-update, logging, and spam blocking.

The best part is: the second your site is down, you will be notified by Jetpack.

#2 – All-in-One Security (AIOS)

All-In-One Security (AIOS) is a great security plugin with advanced capabilities. Its free features are great for a normal WordPress site or blog.

The plugin enables firewall & file protection, content protection, and login-time safety without charging a penny. However, when you want features like malware scanning, 2FA, 404 blocking, and geo-restriction, you will have to buy its premium version.

#3 – SiteAlert

If you want to detect configuration errors, theme conflicts, plugin issues, and other similar problems affecting your site’s health, the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin makes a perfect pick. You can simply run a site health scan and see the existing issues. Many of these issues can be troubleshooted with the plugin’s assistance.

A Bonus Site Monitoring Tool Suggestion for WordPress Users

Using an external service for your site’s health monitoring is a good idea because it won’t occupy any space on your site. And when you are considering such a solution, Pingdom tops the list of options.

It’s a famous site monitoring facility with its servers available almost everywhere. Premium pingdom users can enjoy benefits like root cause analysis assistance and much more, enabling them to solve problems faster.

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