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Chapter 29: Monitor for latest WordPress updates

Monitor for latest WordPress updates

You can get the latest WordPress version updates from within wp-admin section.

When you update to new WP version, plan for a 30 minute potential downtime.

  • Deactivate all the WordPress plugins
  • Reinstall new WP version from wp-admin dashboard
  • Make sure the site UI works as expected. If something breaks at this point, then it is clearly your theme that is causing the issue and you need to change your theme first.
  • Then one by one turn on the wordpress plugin, after activating each plugin, make sure to check it doesn’t break any of the site’s features
  • By this method, if something breaks, you will be able to know which plugin that is causing the error and then rectify it or temporarily deactivate the plugin

If you face multiple issues then you can revert your to old WordPress version

Note: Having the latest WordPress version itself solves multiple security and performance issues

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