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Chapter 8: Create posts and pages

Create posts and pages

This is the main goal of your wWordpress blog… to create and publish posts. You can also schedule them in advance.

This should be an easy task and self explanatory as nothing much technical here. You can publish blogs via “posts” section that are chronological and “time” based. For evergreen and static content that is not “time” based you can publish as posts.

Permalink / URL structure for your blog posts:

If you already have a blog that is running then I would not suggest making any changes to the link structure of the blog posts.

But if you ask me in 2023 and beyond, I suggest this permalink structure for your blog posts /2023/04/16/sample-post/

I use the same in my blog currently. When I do not understand WordPress much as like everyone and the “gurus” do, I blindly selected /sample-post/

I do not have enough data to prove which link structure is better, but WordPress team has done all the work for us and they listed in the right priority. As you can see the best link structure is the plain one /?p=123 and others are listed in the order. I like the one listed as second because it combines the distinct number in the URL part and also the keyword in the URL to help users before clicking it. I do not consider search engines here because in 2023 search engines are way smarter to rank pages beyond keywords. Having a disctinct numerical element in the URL will only help search engines.

If you prefer /sample-post/ then it is probably a “page” and not a “post”

Use Classic editor:

Im not saying to ignore Guttenberg editor im only saying to use Classic editor more because Classic editor is way more user friendly and remove the technical blocks writers face before publishing the post. Also not all posts are fully written inside wordpress editor, and not in one sitting.

Here is a swipe file with lots of catchy headline templates which you can use to  come up with nice user engaging headlines for your blog posts.

Download the swipe file PDF


Chapter 9: Create custom menu to link important pages


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