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Google Workspace top new features added to Email

Google Workspace aka G Suite Email top new features

Some of the new “smart email” features rolled out in Google Workspace aka G Suite includes below useful timesaving features when you use their Email feature.

Google now gives you option to tun ON/OFF the “smart email” which bundles the below features, some of which like email filtering/categorization were turned ON by default before. The cost for one user account now is updated at $6 per user per month.

  • Automatic email filtering/categorization (Primary/Social/Promotions) –
  • Smart Search (keyword suggestions, relevant results, and more)
  • High priority notifications for important emails
  • Smart Compose (suggested text) in email
  • Smart Reply (suggested quick replies) in email
  • Summary cards above email (travel, package tracking, and more)
  • Nudges to reply to forgotten emails
  • Extracting event details to create calendar entries
  • Assistant reminders of your bills due
  • Maps displaying restaurant reservations
  • Maps displaying assistive pickup orders
  • Travel bundling your itineraries
  • Travel showing places of interest
  • Wallet surfacing your loyalty cards, tickets, and other passes
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