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Chapter 10: Basic SEO using Yoast

Basic SEO using Yoast

When it comes to basic SEO for your blog, Yoast WP plugin gives a big jump start. The free version of the plugin is enough to fulfill all the basic SEO needs for your WP blog.

Some of the major benefits of Yoast plugin includes

  1. Yoast helps in adding meta tags individually for each post/pages. OG graph for Facebook and Twitter cards.
  2. You can individually exclude post/pages from search engines (private pages, privacy policy, contact pages etc)
  3. Create sitemap index which includes sitemap for posts, sitemap for pages, categories and tags. Sitemap for posts and pages should be sufficient
  4. Yoast helps in marking posts/pages as “cornerstone content” (pillar posts) something that is considered as high value posts/pages for easy access

Do not use multiple SEO plugins as it will conflict and create issues with sitemap, metatags and other areas of your site.


Chapter 11: Basic cache settings to speed up site


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